Beginning January 14 -15, 2017

Adjusted Schedule July 8-9 2017

Sunday Schedule

Sacred Heart (Vigil) 4:00PM, 7:30AM

St. Charles (Vigil) 5:30PM, 10:00AM, 4:00PM


Sacred Heart 8:30AM Mon, Tues, Wed  (Rosary 8:00AM)

Please Note:  There may be times when there would be no scheduled weekday Mass on
Wednesday and or some Saturdays (St. Charles) of the month.  This would be announced in 
the bulletin or announced from the pulpit.  Parishioners wanting to participate in daily Mass
may choose to go to one of the many neighboring parishes.

St. Charles 8:30AM Thurs, Fri, 1st Saturday of the month

Holy Days

St. Charles (Vigil before Holy Day) 7:00PM , 8:30AM

Sacred Heart 12 noon, (Vigil on Holy Day 7:00PM


Sacred Heart 3:00-3:45PM Saturday

St. Charles 6:30-7:30PM Thursday before 1st Friday

St. Charles 9:15-10:00AM First Saturday of the month