(a case of dough filled with a savory potato and cheese filling
and cooked by boiling and then pan frying)

Home made twice a year! For Easter and Christmas.

$8.00 per dozen

Made in the St. Stephen’s Church Hall

Baltimore Pike and Church St., Clifton Heights

November 8-19,  2021


Order by Calling Joanne Bidoli at 610-574-7077
the Rectory at 610-623-0409 between 10AM and 3PM

The price per dozen is $8.00, so stock up your freezer.

Pick up times at St. Stephen’s Church Hall in Clifton Heights 
 (pierogi must be ordered first)

Weekdays 10AM to 12 Noon

        Or Special Evening Pickup Wednesday of both weeks
5:30 to 6:30PM

We would like to thank our pierogi coordinators for their tireless efforts to locate another venue suitable for this detailed operation.  We would also like to thank St. Stephen’s Church for being so accommodating to our needs,  Tony Blanche, the owner of the Clam Tavern and Broadway for the use and delivery of his mixer whenever we need it and those of you who donated items we could use.

Last year so many of you reached out to donate when we lost all of our equipment. Thank you to those who did.  Then it was decided to stop accepting items that may not be used.  Instead you opened your hearts to monetary donations to purchase certain items needed to be replaced.

Below is a list of contributors!  Thank you!  God love you!  We are overwhelmed by the generosity.

Andrew & Francelline Grajek $100

Constance Lee Morrison $1,000

Maryann Dezzi Pinto $50. In Memory of husband, Joseph J. Pinto

M/M Paul Manger $50. In Memory of mother, Rita David

M/M Francis David $100.  In Memory of parents, Frank & Rita David

Linda & Leo Witkoski $1,000.

Loretta & Walter Dorsey $50.

Michele Salute, $150.

American Legion Post #358 (Clifton Heights)  $500.

M/M Joseph Maida $50.  In Memory of Irene & Francis Ceglarski

Marie Bush Previti $200.  In Memory of the Bush Family

Lorraine Bizzarro $50.  In Memory of parents and grandparents Frank & Rita David

M/M Louis Valentine $100.  In Memory of the deceased members of the Valentine family

M/M John Gregg $80.  In Memory of parents, John & Agnes Gregg

Denise Foley $250.  In Memory of mother, Clare Wells and Helen Sarnocinski

Laura Moran $200.

(Please call the rectory if anyone was left off this list)