(a case of dough filled with a savory potato and cheese filling and cooked by boiling and then pan frying)

Home made twice a year! For Easter and Christmas.

$7.00 per dozen

Made at St. Joseph’s in Collingdale.


We hope to be  back in operation by November 2021. 

We are in the process of finding a new venue
(St. Joseph’s in Collingdale sold the building we used to the Archdiocese) and we also need to purchase equipment that was lost. 




By Calling Joanne Bidoli

at 610-574-7077
the Rectory

at 610-623-0409 between 10AM and 3PM

 The price per dozen is $7.00, so stock up your freezer. 

Pick up times at St. Joe’s (cafeteria) in Collingdale
(pierogi must be ordered first)

Weekdays 10AM to 12 Noon

Or Special Evening Pickup Wednesday of both weeks
5:30 to 6:30PM